The pain I had after my shingles was ruining my life and I was getting very depressed. I had stopped going out and couldn’t sleep. Your treatment sessions have changed my life and I feel I’m finally getting back to normal.
When I’m really stressed at work I find an acupuncture treatment is much better than a massage for helping me to relax.
I felt very relaxed after my session and was ravenous when I got home and I was able to enjoy my food. Had a relaxed evening and slept well. It’s the first time I felt so well in months and months. Thanks
After 3 courses of antibiotics I felt very sick and there was no improvement in my sinus pain. It has finally cleared up after your acupuncture treatment and I feel like I’ve got my life back. Thanks.
I can’t believe my elbow is better after just 3 treatments! It was so painful before I went to you that I couldn’t use my arm. Many thanks.